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Portfolio Management


This is of benefit when your financial plan involves the purchase of shares or other investments. Our research team monitor the performance of your portfolio and recommend the purchase or sale of a particular security.

We utilise a proprietary portfolio administration system (PAS) to manage and administer investment portfolios. PAS is a powerful tool that was developed in-house which allows you to view your portfolio online. You can use it to generate a wide range of taxation, income and performance reports. Being developed in-house means it’s constantly updated, we can provide up to date reports with fast turnaround repairs on any issues that may arise.

As a PAS client, you will find the online client portal a practical and convenient way to track the transactions in your cash accounts and movements in your portfolio. As an added bonus, pre-prepared tax and performance reports are available to download on a quarterly or annual basis and can be emailed to you or your accountant.