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AnalyTICa Property Plus Fund

AnalyTICa Property Plus Fund

AnalyTICa Property Plus Fund was established to provide an income producing investment with reduced price volatility when compared with equity markets. This is achieved by sourcing large scale investments with a focus on infrastructure and commercial property that would be out of reach for average investors.

The fund is managed by TIC Asset Management, on behalf of our Australian Financial Services Licensee, CIP Licensing Limited. The Fund was launched in 2008 as Capricorn Diversified Investment Fund and has been accepting public funds since November 2010.

Some of the current assets of the fund include interests in commercial property, consisting of offices, medical facilities and shopping centres, a series of retirement residential estates, a company that installs and leases solar installations on commercial buildings and a small portfolio of ASX listed shares.

You can find out more by reading the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and other related documents, these can be downloaded from this page.

Download AnalyTICa Property Plus Fund Application, Contact Details and Redemption forms below.

Download AnalyTICa Property Plus Fund Annual Reports and newsletter, Fundamentally Speaking, from AnalyTICa Property Plus Fund Media.