With the holiday season nearly upon us, are you taking care of your business?

The holidays can be a very busy, stressful time for both employers and employees, but happy employees can ease the stress for employers. As employees ourselves, we can state unequivocally that we like to plan for our holiday season. Some forward planning can ease the situation for all involved.

Whilst handling the payroll functions for companies, the main questions we have been asked at this time of year are:

  • What will be the closure dates?
  • How much leave will I need available?
  • When will the pay runs be conducted during this period?
  • Who, if anyone, will be working/on call?

For casual employees, the leave option is not available, so let them know their rosters for this period as far in advance as possible to allow time for them to create a budget.

Let employees know if they are on the backup list to be called in if someone is unavailable to work during this period. This helps relieve confusion about who is required to work.

By letting your employees know of the above-mentioned information well in advance, they can plan and therefore be prepared, less stressed and ultimately more productive. This can help make the holiday season a more enjoyable time for everyone.


The Bookkeeping Team

Please note that the above is provided as general advice and has not taken your personal, financial or business circumstances into consideration. If you would like more tailored advice, please contact us today. One of our advisers or bookkeepers would be delighted to