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Get on the front foot


YOU’D have to say the tide has well and truly gone out on Rockhampton’s economy.

Retailers are distressed, the streets are quiet and people are losing their jobs.

It’s not as tough as in some places, but it is nevertheless tough.

Most people know me as having set up and run our financial services business, which we stared more than 15 years ago.

Staff coming and going, increased competition, legislative changes, Global Financial Crisis and the general challenges that have faced the financial planning industry have given me plenty of experience in dealing with shallow water.

So why are we still here when other businesses are not? There are probably three reasons.

Firstly, the business was set up with a proper balance sheet and has always invested in itself. That has resulted in lower costs and the ability to grow very substantially, to the extent of acquiring a much bigger business in Melbourne. Secondly, our staff are capable and enthusiastic and I have been very well supported by a variety of board members.

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Originally Published – Saturday, March 26, 2016
Rockhampton Morning