Last week the Victorian Government introduced Stage 4 restrictions in an attempt to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus throughout the community. Never before has the state experienced such a level of disruption to business, communities, and individuals. In this situation, and given the circumstances which contributed to it, a level of disquiet, frustration, and anger are absolutely understandable. Whether this lockdown strategy will be successful or indeed worth the price, remains to be seen.

That said, with all the negativity abounds, it’s important to be mindful of focusing on what we can individually and collectively control. What we can actually control comes down to what we think and what we do (including how we choose to react to events). That’s it! How we think will inform the priorities we choose and in turn, will impact on the choices we make.

The outcome of this will also depend on our perspective. Denying, or arguing against the reality of our situation may help us to ‘let off steam,’ however, it may also serve to hinder acceptance of a reality that individually we can’t control.

Life’s difficult, and at the moment it seems more difficult. However, accepting that life is difficult allows you to move towards opportunities for growth, learning and gratitude. The other aspect of perspective is a heightened sense of gratitude. Sure, freedoms that we may have previously taken for granted have been suspended, however, I had a good night’s sleep, warm and safe in my bed and in the morning had a warm shower and a full breakfast!

The final aspect of perspective is to know that all things end, and this certainly will also. It can be difficult to see this ending whilst we’re still very much in the middle of it, but it will end.

In the meantime, look for opportunities for growth and learn to remain optimistic knowing that we will get to the ‘the other side of this bridge’.

Please note this article provides general advice only and has not taken your personal, business or financial circumstances into consideration. If you would like more tailored advice, please contact us today.