Over the past few years, conversations I’ve had with clients regarding ethical investments have changed. Those interested in investing ethically are no longer a fringe minority, with a number of our clients displaying genuine interest in sustainable and ethical investments. Clients are looking for ways that they can invest their savings into causes important to them whilst also outlining industries they would like to avoid. These discussions have made clients aware that returns are not the only consequence of their investment choice.

What I’ve found is that each client has a different set of values when it comes to deciding whether or not an investment is ethical. I have some very passionate clients and there will be a level of scrutiny where all companies appear to be inappropriate investments.

Listed companies in Australia have aligned with the Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) standards and improved their ESG reporting over the last few years. This level of transparency allows fund managers using a sustainable and responsible investment approach to better compare the sustainability and environmental impact of companies.

At The Investment Collective, our investment philosophy allows us to take a ‘hands on approach’ to position clients’ portfolios in stocks that we believe show the most promise and brightest future prospects.

Finding the right investments can be a complicated and timely process. A portion of managed funds claiming to be ‘sustainable’ fail to meet the most basic client expectations for a responsible or ethical investment. Ethics is more than just adding ‘sustainable’ to the name of the fund. We continue to actively look for new investments that provide a point of difference and have a renewed focus on finding responsible investment managers that align with our investment philosophy.

Please note this article provides general advice only and has not taken your personal, business or financial circumstances into consideration. If you would like more tailored advice, please contact us today.