Did you know?

Heart disease in children is the leading cause of death, accounting for more than 30% of childhood deaths?  Or that 200 children under the age of 14 are diagnosed with leukemia each year, with treatment taking approximately 2 years?

What would happen if this was your child, or grandchild? Would you have adequate funds available to cover costs of hospital and treatment? Would you or your partner be able to stop work indefinitely to care for your sick child? Unfortunately for most people there would not be sufficient funds simply ‘lying around’ to eliminate the financial stress of coping with a sick child.

Thankfully, there is great news, a low cost solution that will ensure dollars are available to you when needed most – Child Trauma Protection.

Trauma Protection is designed to pay a lump sum amount in the event of a specified illness or event, for example, cancer, stroke or heart attack. It is now possible to not only ensure your health, but the health of your children.

In the event your child suffers a major illness or dies, you will receive a lump sum payment (as determined by you) to ease the financial burden and help allow for:

  • Parents to stop work and take care of the child full-time
  • Funding for medical treatment & hospital costs
  • Funding to provide for ongoing care or other objectives (e.g. family holiday)
  • How much does peace-of-mind cost?

Child Protection must be taken out in combination with trauma protection for an adult, the cost is approximately $150 per annum. Once the child is age 18, they are eligible to convert the policy to an adult policy without any health assessment.

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