Being a mother is so many things, especially a new mum. It’s demanding, rewarding, relentless, remarkable and utterly exhausting, just to name a few. As the first few days, weeks and months roll through it is an all-consuming role that can feel overwhelming, claustrophobic and lonely all at once.  There really is no other comparable responsibility.

It is commonly said that no one can prepare you for motherhood (or parenthood), but the same can be said for the return-to-the-workforce post child. For some, a completely new level of emotion kicks into gear when the time comes to re-entering the workforce. This can be for a variety of reasons: fear, sadness of leaving the child, potential loss of confidence and skills due to time out of the workforce, uncertainty around employment expectations, just to name a few. Whilst these feelings are all valid – especially in environments that are particularly dynamic – I feel overwhelmingly, that the stimulating, interesting conversation (and a hot cuppa) outweighs any indecision.

Having returned to work following twelve months maternity leave last year in September, there are a few points relating to my financial future I thought I’d share:

Budget – and stick to it! Knowing where your money goes is crucial.

Save – as much as you can afford and start as early as possible.

Women are certainly faced with many life events that can impact income and long-term savings via superannuation. Obviously having a baby, parental leave, returning to work potentially on part-time hours all contribute; but also, getting married, divorced or losing a partner to illness can have a significant effect on longer-term objectives. Having the right insurance in place can assist in most of these situations to ease the burden financially and concentrate on recovery – and family.

Please note, this article is for general advice purposes only. It has not taken into account your personal circumstances or financial goals. If you wish to access more personalised advice tailored to your circumstances and financial objectives, please contact our friendly staff today.